Friends. Over my lifetime, I have had many friends. The only person I ever considered to be my best friend was my husband. Growing up I don’t remember ever having a best friend. Most likely that is from being raised in the military (at least that is what I have always blamed it on). Being a military brat, … [Read more…]

The doctor Believed I could

Have you ever had someone believe in you, even more than you believe in yourself? If you read my last post, you know that I had surgery to remove (yes, you read that right) my hip prosthesis. Because of the damage to my hip from stage 4 breast cancer, there is not an option to … [Read more…]

Becoming a Social Introvert

I am the first to admit that I am an Introvert. Some people may think of introverts as shy, but that is not exactly the truth. An introvert recharges oneself by being alone, while an extrovert gets energized being around people. I have been an introvert my whole life. I like small groups as opposed … [Read more…]

Butterflies, Miracles and God’s Timing

Do you believe in Miracles? A few days ago I was doing the weekly maintenance on my hot tub. There were several butterflies flitting about the yard. Butterflies have always been my sign from God, and I have extended that to J.R. the past months. I asked God (the butterfly) to land on the hot tub … [Read more…]

MBC – a glimpse at just one day

I want to give you a small glimpse into what it is like to live with Metastatic Breast Cancer or MBC (also known as Stage 4 Breast Cancer). I try not to let MBC control my life, but there are some days when I just can’t help it. I’ve had MBC since 2010. Since then … [Read more…]

By the Grace of God

Around us every day, God is working to make something beautiful out of something that may not have been so beautiful to begin with. But do we recognize that is what is happening? As many of you know it has been a rough few years. I was retelling my abbreviated story to some folks the other day … [Read more…]


A few year’s ago I used #TodaysAwesome in my Facebook Page. It was to remind me, and those that follow me that there is something awesome in every day. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder. This morning I realized that I had not been using that hashtag ever since life took a little … [Read more…]